Tales of the North

Dissention amongst the Aegirmon

The group is approached by a young child who wants them to follow them. He takes them to a group of Aegirmon that think their isolationism is not good. The groups leader, Lucius speaks common and has been to the surface. They want to open up trade and start to bring their people back into the larger community.

Lucius asks them to take a representative with them, Sarah, to the surface. She will investigate prices and how to start trade.

Bumblefoot convinces Lucius to find a hammer that looks similar to the relic, and is magical. Lucius returns the next day with an old +1 war hammer.

Lucius returns the next day with a hammer that is suitably old looking, and has a +1 bonus attached to it. Bumblefoot trades it for a bottle of strong liquor.

The party is ready to go, and with Sarah, starts to the surface.



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