Tales of the North

Meeting the Aegirmon

The one people

The group approaches the city and sees a gated area guarded by two well equipped, They are able to have basic communication using linguistics and comprehend language skill. The guards send for the captain who takes them to the magistrate.

The magistrate knows of the people that are trying to dig into their city from the old ruins. They are filling in the tunnel from behind as the empire digs down.

The party eventually find that the Aegirmon have a hammer that is an artifact of their god Aegir. The magistrate takes them to see the hammer in the center of the city. It is surrounded by clerics worshipping it. The hammer has an ancient power, neither good or evil. It feels as if it is a direct conduit to another place.

Bumblefoot decides he wants to throw a juggling ball at the hammer to see what would happen. The ball slows in mid-air, then disintegrates. The Aegirmon tackle him and tie him up. They are very angry, and escort the party out of the city to the edge of the caverns.

Once there, the party hears an alarm from the city. They approach and see the Aegirmon fighting several earth elementals.



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