Tales of the North

North to Aliver's Height

first encounter

The party travelled north to Aliver’s Height, the last town on the northern edge of the empire. From aliver’s Height, the party travelled north. After two days travel, they camp for the evening. On the last watch, Abelard notices something stealthily approaching the camp. He watches until he notices it is a man, at which point he launches a magic missile hiting the man. The rest of the party awakes to this. After a brief fight, they capture the man ( Drake) alive.

Drake tells them he is the forward scout of a larger party just north. The party travels north, encounters and defeats the rest of Drake’s party. Drake says he and his friends work for a magic user of some sort named Cundin. Cundin is gathering people and shipping them off to someplace.

As the party is leaving, Abalard decides he needs to pose the bodies n interesting positions, and Shrike pecked the eyeballs out of the corpses and ate them.



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