Tales of the North

Onward North!

Our party is still at Cundin’s camp. Drake and Trey have left for the south.

Eris and Maryanna confront the 5 remaining mercenaries and convince them to abandon their posts by throwing Cundin’s head on the ground in front to f them. They meet Thomas who agrees to lead them to a place called ‘the site’.

A day after leaving Cundin’s camp, they camp the night, and the next day they encounter a wagon lead by 6 mercenaries. They recognize it as the caravan as the slavers that visit Cundin’s camp. The wagon is empty.

The group pulls rocks and tree trunks across the road to stop the wagon. The wagon stops, Romulus casts a spell on himself to appear as if he is a member of their party. The guards do not buy it, and combat ensues. After a good combat,

The party defeats the group. There is a scroll of cure light wounds and gold.

Thomas continues to lead the group to the ’site;.



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