Tales of the North

To the wizard

The party (which now has a PC playing Drake). Drake leads the party to within a half day journey of the compound. The description was a small compound with no fence. There is a stone house for the wizard, a barracks for the men, and several cages up against a hill for the captives.

The party devises a plan to take out the wizard first, then the hired men.

Bumblefoot sneaks up on the fire, and tries to release the captives. After opening three locks, the guards are alerted. Cunard charges out of the house and demands that his guards start patrolling. Two of the three start patrolling, Bumblefoot sneaks up on the remaining guard, and tries to back stab. He misses starting combat.

After the combat, all the guards, and Cunard are dead. Abablard finds a ring of +1 on the wizard, and a wand of Mage Armor in the wizards house.
The slaves try to run away.

Trey is allowed to run away, and Drake is allowed to leave as well.



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