Eris Redblade

LE Half-elf Cleric of Zon-Kuthon


Eris is a 5’6", 153 lbs, female half elf with brown hair and green eyes. Her alignment is Lawful Evil and is reflected in her aura. She counts as a medium creature and moves 30 ft. She wears leather armor and carries her god’s favored weapon, the spiked chain, along with a spiked gauntlet and several daggers. Most of her body is covered in wounds of various stages of healing, some fresh and others almost completely scarred over. The most noticeable is the symbol of Zon-Kuthon scarred into her arm, which serves as her holy symbol. Her domains are darkness and death.

By nature, Eris possesses the traits suspicious and indomitable faith. She has elven blood and elven immunities as well as low light vision. She speaks Common, Elven, Infernal, and Orcish.

Tactically speaking, the cleric tends to gravitate towards the absolute center of the battle, where she is at her most effective and is most likely to be hit. She walks a fine line between self-preservation and pain. She will heal allies, but prefers not to have to, and rarely heals herself. She relies heavily on her spell casting for damage rather than her weapons.

Eris is a zealous priestess with the primary goal of spreading the Midnight Lord’s faith and works—death, suffering, and loss—wherever she can. Nothing is more important to her than her religion and she has a low tolerance for those who would persecute the faithful. She tends to protect things and people she considers to be “hers” quite staunchly and loyally, whether or not they want to be protected by her. She considers her word her bond, but she is literal enough that it can be dangerous to make assumptions. Eris believes that the universe possesses an order and dislikes actions that go against the nature of things as she sees them. As far as she is concerned, the people at the bottom have only themselves to blame for being there. That said, she does not necessarily respect those at the top that have been born to the position. Any weakness should be exploited from below.

Rules of Eris’s Worldview

- Do unto others what they would do unto you, no matter how much they dislike it.
- Material wealth is fleeting. It is useful for the things it can accomplish, but not to be coveted for its own sake.
- Faith is the one true path, the measure by which all decisions are put.
- To let someone interfere with what is yours is to allow them power over you. Insults and wounds to the people who are yours are not to be tolerated.
- The punishment must fit the crime.
- The goodness of an action is incidental to the point. Everything must serve a purpose. Whether that is doing something admirable or reprehensible does not matter so long as it achieves the goal.
- There are things worth dying for, things greater than yourself. To shirk from that duty is an unforgivable sin. Death is only a release into a greater service and something to be welcomed rather than feared.


From the Journal of Eris Redblade:

Firstly, I must offer my praise to the Midnight Lord, who saw fit to deliver me from a meaningless and empty existence to the comforting darkness of His embrace and all the pleasures to be found therein. I am only a mere servant, but with every breath, every heartbeat, every drop of spilt blood, I seek to please Him.

Our high priestess, Ealasiad, has suggested I make an accounting first of my time before coming to the fold. A complete beginning. I do so in an effort to please her.

I began my life among elves, my mother’s people. My father was an human wanderer, a charlatan and a rake who left my mother carrying his child despite the disapproval of the village. I have never met him. I grew up in silence and cold, barred from the world of familial affection. My mother drowned herself in the river after I was born for shame. They used her name as a warning against wanton behavior, a cautionary tale.

I was always different than the other children, drawn to the darkness of night where I could be alone. I found no understanding among any in the village. All of them reviled me and shunned me simply because I delighted in pain. Not sharing it with others—such was an art unlearned to me in childhood, though I will admit to enjoying the sight—but in having that gift bestowed upon me. I reveled in their beatings. I rejoiced in the blood shed by their abuse. At first I was afraid of myself as well, so I feigned tears and pleas for mercy that I never wanted honored. But when I grew older, I let the mask slip and it changed everything. They called me twisted, mad, sick. That is why, they say, they cast me out.

But I found my true home, my calling, that moonless winter night. The voice of the Midnight Lord whispered to me, drawing me to a place where I was beloved for that very quality. He saved me, a poor wretched girl with so little to offer. The sanctum was a hidden place only for those disciples of Zon-Kuthon who had utterly devoted themselves to him. Open worship is yet forbidden in my homeland, punishable by death. Someday, this will change and I hope to have my hand in this. There is time yet that others may still find the true path to salvation.

I found a joy there I have not found in any other place. To think, any time I asked it of my fellow devotees, they would practice the torturer’s art on me! Such bliss! Then began my instruction in that delicate study of mortality as well as combat, to better share the same gift of suffering and please our Lord. When I lacked a subject, they encouraged me to indulge my desires and wield such skills upon myself. Yet I cannot alone reach that ecstasy I find under another’s hand. Truly, battle has proven delightful for that purpose. If only my foes could appreciate it as I do.

After my training was complete, Ealasaid called me to her chambers. It was time for me to depart the sanctum, to demonstrate my true devotion by spreading the Midnight Lord’s blessings to the world and expand my own artistry. In preparation, I spent the whole of the night beneath her knife and received that most coveted of wounds. The symbol of our Lord is now carved into the flesh of my forearm down to the bone itself. Even now, as I write, I can feel it seeping blood through the bandage. It comforts me, reminding me that He is always watching and that I am never alone.

My travels have taken me north and east, far into the cold lands. They say that here in the winter, there are weeks where the sun never rises. I long to see this sign of the Midnight Lord’s power myself! It would be prudent for me to find companions as able as myself, so that I may expand my own reach and ability to bring the powerful to understand sweet agony. The visions still come to me of places I must go in service to the God of Midnight. Tonight I have prayed for guidance, and I must trust that my faith in my Lord will deliver me to those who will aid me in my sacred duty.

Eris Redblade

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