Tales of the North

The group meets

The group has met initially at a waterfront tavern in the port city of -.

Bumblefoot was entertaining the crowd telling jokes and funny limericks.

MaryAnna joined the scene and started to scope out the crowd looking for an easy mark.

Romulus entered an immediately started looking for some ‘action’.

Eris Redblade has felt a pull to the far north, something ancient and powerful is calling her. She hopes to find a group t help her find what is drawing her north.

Shrike being penniless is drawn to the tavern by the sound of people.

Abalard on his endless quest for knowledge enters the tavern for a bite to eat, and to perhaps view the odd people, and see what he can learn from them.

Eris notices Romulus hitting on MaryAnna, even though she is trying to ignore him and look for easy marks. She recognizes someone with abilities she might use, and begins talking to her. Romulus (after being rejected by both Eris and MaryAnna) retires to the back of the tavern to disguise himself.

While this is happening, Shrike notices the shiny coins on the floor in front of Bumblefoot, and manages to take a few. Eris gets Shrikes attention as well, and invites him to eat with her and MaryAnna.

Abilard sits at his own table, and orders food. Trying to fit in with the humans he doesn’t understand, he tries to blend in by laughing at Bumblefoot, though he never really seems human. He notices that the apparent leader of a group of seafaring toughs, has a dagger that emanates magic.

Eris approaches Abalard and invites him to join the party. He is reticent, and observes the party to see if there is anything he can glean from them.

Eventually, Bumblefoot says something that makes the toughs take notice, and get mad. Bumblefoot has to make a quick get away, he is confronted by the toughs. He manages to make them argue amongst themselves and makes for the door. Abalard casts a spell of growth causing Bumblefoot to grow. The toughs are too busy with each other to follow him, but he got the attention of the local guard. They are frightened because of his size, and Bubmblefoot is able to escape.


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