Tales of the North

Bad Timing and Limericks
What Bards are not to do.

The party came in contact with a puss filled zombie. Our sorcerer fired him up with a spell, and toasted the zombie before he was able to rise. Bumblefoot used ventriloquism to make the dead zombie speak, ’It’s only a flesh would’. He was hit by our feathered friend for being a smart-rat.

Bumblefoot then wrote a not-well-received limerick about it:

There once was a zombie with puss
WHo was heated and started to gush
He started to speak, but it’s not what you think
Then I got punched for causing a fuss

Bad timing, Bumblefoot.


The place the Brotherhood of the New Dawn has chosen for their new compound was once a city of sorts. There are very few ruins above ground, but there are some stone cellars that they are re-using.

The party makes a very thorough investigation of these ruins, but finds nothing that can account for the plague zombie. There is the remnant of an old stone road that leads into the forest, so they follow it.

An hour or so in, they see some footprints that veer away from the path. Following it they come upon an old stone building. The footprints go right to a large stone that has fallen from the wall centuries ago. Looking closer, they see an opening under the stone. This appears t o be an opening to an old cellar.

Examining the cellar, they find a secret door, that once opened, revealed three very old plague zombies. Retreating the party seals the entrance. It appears that the original brother found the cellar, and explored, only to be bitten by the plague zombie, and infected.

On the way back to camp, they encounter the recently deceased and risen brother. In a quick fight the p[arty defeats him, but Siniira T’sarran is infected by the plague zombie.

The party reaches the brotherhoods camp, and put their minds at ease about the zombies, and warn them away from the cellar containing the remaining zombies.

The Brotherhood

The party encounters two men in the Aliver’s Height. They appear to be holy men of a sort. Upon questioning the Innkeeper, the discover they are members of the Brotherhood of the New Dawn. Brother Krusa is in charge and asks the players to come back with him to his compound.

One of the brothers recently died of an illness, but won’t stay in his grave. He has been seen wandering the edge of the forest. The brothers a re peaceful men, and do not know how to handle this.

As they travel with the brothers, the party learns of the brotherhood. They are a group that believes in the divinity of the emperor. They are not officially sanctioned by the emperor, but neither are they discouraged. They have only been here for one season, but have a good start. They pride themselves on being self sufficient. They have a start on crops, and animals, and have begun to survey their area for more permanent buildings.

When the party arrives, they find the compound consists of three buildings, a dorm, a meeting hall and a sort of church building. The brothers are busy working and preparing a meal.

In their absence, another brother has become sick. His upper arm is festering and smells very bad. They have done what they can with herbalist remedies, but the brothers have no magic.

In the night the sick brother passes. As they prepare for his funeral, and sew him in a shroud, he re-animates and tries to move. The party immediately ends his existence. When he is dead, his body makes funny popping noises, as if the flesh is exploding. Fire ends any further danger.

With successful knowledge checks, they party knows they are dealing with disease zombies. This one is down, but that leaves the original zombie, still roaming the woods.

Back to town

The party leaves the Aegirmon, and loses one party member. Eris Redblade decides to leave the party, but they are joined by Siniira T’sarran.

After reaching the surface, the party encounters a patrol of empire soldiers that have been out gathering more slaves. They are still camped for the night, and the part surprises them. After a battle, the soldiers are defeated, and the two prisoners are released but refuse to leave.

The party continues south, reaching the ruins of Cundin‘s old compound, and continue on the Aliver’s Height.

In Aliver’s height everyone can finally settle down, and relax. Abelard pays a local youth to scrape the last years travel off his body, and emerges in a new silk robe, and finally smelling and looking clean.

Sarah gets settled and starts taking inventory of everything that this new economy has to offer. She is taking notes, and sampling as much as she can.

Dissention amongst the Aegirmon

The group is approached by a young child who wants them to follow them. He takes them to a group of Aegirmon that think their isolationism is not good. The groups leader, Lucius speaks common and has been to the surface. They want to open up trade and start to bring their people back into the larger community.

Lucius asks them to take a representative with them, Sarah, to the surface. She will investigate prices and how to start trade.

Bumblefoot convinces Lucius to find a hammer that looks similar to the relic, and is magical. Lucius returns the next day with an old +1 war hammer.

Lucius returns the next day with a hammer that is suitably old looking, and has a +1 bonus attached to it. Bumblefoot trades it for a bottle of strong liquor.

The party is ready to go, and with Sarah, starts to the surface.

Meeting the Aegirmon
The one people

The group approaches the city and sees a gated area guarded by two well equipped, They are able to have basic communication using linguistics and comprehend language skill. The guards send for the captain who takes them to the magistrate.

The magistrate knows of the people that are trying to dig into their city from the old ruins. They are filling in the tunnel from behind as the empire digs down.

The party eventually find that the Aegirmon have a hammer that is an artifact of their god Aegir. The magistrate takes them to see the hammer in the center of the city. It is surrounded by clerics worshipping it. The hammer has an ancient power, neither good or evil. It feels as if it is a direct conduit to another place.

Bumblefoot decides he wants to throw a juggling ball at the hammer to see what would happen. The ball slows in mid-air, then disintegrates. The Aegirmon tackle him and tie him up. They are very angry, and escort the party out of the city to the edge of the caverns.

Once there, the party hears an alarm from the city. They approach and see the Aegirmon fighting several earth elementals.

Into the caverns

After the previous weeks combat, the group decides they are going to try and pose the bodies so it looks like they all fought each other and died. They failed their DC, and so the players head north.

Thomas leads the party to the ruins. There is a party of empire soldiers at the site, with 12 – 15 slaves. The party is lead to a group of cave entrances that is not too far away form the ruins. Thomas leaves the party, and goes back to his life in the forest.

After camping outside the caves, Shrike notices human footprints in the cave entrance. They seem to have come from within then gone back in.

The party delves into the caverns and camps for the night. The next morning, they go further into the caves. They find a large cave, and upon entering it are attacked by 2 cave fishers. They kill them, take the glands, and find a body in a wall crack.

The body is a human in the late teens with white hair, very white skin and very light blue eyes. It has a pendant of a hammer covered in runes.

The party refills their water skins, bathes and rests for the evening.

Bumblefoot and Shrike take the claws from the Cave Fishers and have a CRAB FIGHT. Doing non-lethal damage Shrike prevails.

They find a large cavern that is lit by lichen. There are many light sources deeper into the caves.

Onward North!

Our party is still at Cundin’s camp. Drake and Trey have left for the south.

Eris and Maryanna confront the 5 remaining mercenaries and convince them to abandon their posts by throwing Cundin’s head on the ground in front to f them. They meet Thomas who agrees to lead them to a place called ‘the site’.

A day after leaving Cundin’s camp, they camp the night, and the next day they encounter a wagon lead by 6 mercenaries. They recognize it as the caravan as the slavers that visit Cundin’s camp. The wagon is empty.

The group pulls rocks and tree trunks across the road to stop the wagon. The wagon stops, Romulus casts a spell on himself to appear as if he is a member of their party. The guards do not buy it, and combat ensues. After a good combat,

The party defeats the group. There is a scroll of cure light wounds and gold.

Thomas continues to lead the group to the ’site;.

To the wizard

The party (which now has a PC playing Drake). Drake leads the party to within a half day journey of the compound. The description was a small compound with no fence. There is a stone house for the wizard, a barracks for the men, and several cages up against a hill for the captives.

The party devises a plan to take out the wizard first, then the hired men.

Bumblefoot sneaks up on the fire, and tries to release the captives. After opening three locks, the guards are alerted. Cunard charges out of the house and demands that his guards start patrolling. Two of the three start patrolling, Bumblefoot sneaks up on the remaining guard, and tries to back stab. He misses starting combat.

After the combat, all the guards, and Cunard are dead. Abablard finds a ring of +1 on the wizard, and a wand of Mage Armor in the wizards house.
The slaves try to run away.

Trey is allowed to run away, and Drake is allowed to leave as well.

North to Aliver's Height
first encounter

The party travelled north to Aliver’s Height, the last town on the northern edge of the empire. From aliver’s Height, the party travelled north. After two days travel, they camp for the evening. On the last watch, Abelard notices something stealthily approaching the camp. He watches until he notices it is a man, at which point he launches a magic missile hiting the man. The rest of the party awakes to this. After a brief fight, they capture the man ( Drake) alive.

Drake tells them he is the forward scout of a larger party just north. The party travels north, encounters and defeats the rest of Drake’s party. Drake says he and his friends work for a magic user of some sort named Cundin. Cundin is gathering people and shipping them off to someplace.

As the party is leaving, Abalard decides he needs to pose the bodies n interesting positions, and Shrike pecked the eyeballs out of the corpses and ate them.


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