Tales of the North

Back to town

The party leaves the Aegirmon, and loses one party member. Eris Redblade decides to leave the party, but they are joined by Siniira T’sarran.

After reaching the surface, the party encounters a patrol of empire soldiers that have been out gathering more slaves. They are still camped for the night, and the part surprises them. After a battle, the soldiers are defeated, and the two prisoners are released but refuse to leave.

The party continues south, reaching the ruins of Cundin‘s old compound, and continue on the Aliver’s Height.

In Aliver’s height everyone can finally settle down, and relax. Abelard pays a local youth to scrape the last years travel off his body, and emerges in a new silk robe, and finally smelling and looking clean.

Sarah gets settled and starts taking inventory of everything that this new economy has to offer. She is taking notes, and sampling as much as she can.



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