Tales of the North

Into the caverns

After the previous weeks combat, the group decides they are going to try and pose the bodies so it looks like they all fought each other and died. They failed their DC, and so the players head north.

Thomas leads the party to the ruins. There is a party of empire soldiers at the site, with 12 – 15 slaves. The party is lead to a group of cave entrances that is not too far away form the ruins. Thomas leaves the party, and goes back to his life in the forest.

After camping outside the caves, Shrike notices human footprints in the cave entrance. They seem to have come from within then gone back in.

The party delves into the caverns and camps for the night. The next morning, they go further into the caves. They find a large cave, and upon entering it are attacked by 2 cave fishers. They kill them, take the glands, and find a body in a wall crack.

The body is a human in the late teens with white hair, very white skin and very light blue eyes. It has a pendant of a hammer covered in runes.

The party refills their water skins, bathes and rests for the evening.

Bumblefoot and Shrike take the claws from the Cave Fishers and have a CRAB FIGHT. Doing non-lethal damage Shrike prevails.

They find a large cavern that is lit by lichen. There are many light sources deeper into the caves.



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