Tales of the North

The Brotherhood

The party encounters two men in the Aliver’s Height. They appear to be holy men of a sort. Upon questioning the Innkeeper, the discover they are members of the Brotherhood of the New Dawn. Brother Krusa is in charge and asks the players to come back with him to his compound.

One of the brothers recently died of an illness, but won’t stay in his grave. He has been seen wandering the edge of the forest. The brothers a re peaceful men, and do not know how to handle this.

As they travel with the brothers, the party learns of the brotherhood. They are a group that believes in the divinity of the emperor. They are not officially sanctioned by the emperor, but neither are they discouraged. They have only been here for one season, but have a good start. They pride themselves on being self sufficient. They have a start on crops, and animals, and have begun to survey their area for more permanent buildings.

When the party arrives, they find the compound consists of three buildings, a dorm, a meeting hall and a sort of church building. The brothers are busy working and preparing a meal.

In their absence, another brother has become sick. His upper arm is festering and smells very bad. They have done what they can with herbalist remedies, but the brothers have no magic.

In the night the sick brother passes. As they prepare for his funeral, and sew him in a shroud, he re-animates and tries to move. The party immediately ends his existence. When he is dead, his body makes funny popping noises, as if the flesh is exploding. Fire ends any further danger.

With successful knowledge checks, they party knows they are dealing with disease zombies. This one is down, but that leaves the original zombie, still roaming the woods.



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