Tales of the North


The place the Brotherhood of the New Dawn has chosen for their new compound was once a city of sorts. There are very few ruins above ground, but there are some stone cellars that they are re-using.

The party makes a very thorough investigation of these ruins, but finds nothing that can account for the plague zombie. There is the remnant of an old stone road that leads into the forest, so they follow it.

An hour or so in, they see some footprints that veer away from the path. Following it they come upon an old stone building. The footprints go right to a large stone that has fallen from the wall centuries ago. Looking closer, they see an opening under the stone. This appears t o be an opening to an old cellar.

Examining the cellar, they find a secret door, that once opened, revealed three very old plague zombies. Retreating the party seals the entrance. It appears that the original brother found the cellar, and explored, only to be bitten by the plague zombie, and infected.

On the way back to camp, they encounter the recently deceased and risen brother. In a quick fight the p[arty defeats him, but Siniira T’sarran is infected by the plague zombie.

The party reaches the brotherhoods camp, and put their minds at ease about the zombies, and warn them away from the cellar containing the remaining zombies.



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