Brotherhood of the New Dawn

The Brotherhood is a cult/religeon based on the emperor Ir-bothran . They move into new areas to spread his divinity. They are not typically violent, but have been known to defend the name of their emperor god with fire and pain.

While not overtly condoning their existence, they are certainly not hindered by the emperor or his family. They are most likely used as another tool to cement his hold on the newer territories.

All brothers have a tattoo, a brand or a cut on their forhead of their symbol, and eye with a rising sun behind it. This symbol can also be found on all their regalia and structures.

The brotherhood receive no known support from the empire, but have fairly good wealth themselves. Individual sects tend to congregate in new areas, found an abbey or mission, and start to support themselves. It is not uncommon for small towns or villages to spring up surrounding these areas in support of the brothers.

Over time, larger structures of stone will be built, and the group will grow. They prefer to convert locals, and try to convert as many as they can to the glories of their emperor god.

Brotherhood of the New Dawn

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